Monday, July 29, 2013

Style: Get the Look: Olive + Leather

Like most of you, I have a "Style" board on Pinterest that I pin to relentlessly (and am completely obsessed with). Anything that I find stylish - chic hairstyles, effortlessly put together outfits, a new trend, get pinned to my "Style" board. 

The problem I have is that I usually fall head over heels for the outfits in these photos (hence the endless pinning), and have no idea where I can buy them. Tragedy, right? So when I saw this gorgeous little ensemble (left), I was heartbroken at the thought.

But a bit of browsing later, my worries started to fade away. I was able to find some pieces similar to those in the original outfit, from some of my favorite stores (and all under $100)! I don't know about you, but I'm swooning over those leather pants and cargo jacket...and leather bag...ok fine, I'm a little obsessed with all of it! And with this fall weather we had over the past few days, I'm excited to wear this look later this fall!


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Life: Lazy Sunday

Happy Sunday afternoon, lovelies. How was your weekend? 

Jack and I had a busy, amazing little weekend with my parents. They came to visit, and we explored Northeast Minneapolis, walked to the Mill City Farmer's Market, had a delicious dinner at Eli's, ate and drank way too much and watched some of our favorite movies and TV shows. 

Now that the weekend is almost over? We're relaxing the best way we know how - a little ice cream and relaxing on the couch. 


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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Recipe: Wisconsin Old Fashioned

Especially in the summer, there's nothing I love more than a weekend spent at the cabin with my family. Even though everyone's lives seem to be getting busier and busier, we've been good at getting together for a weekend each summer for the past few years. And let me tell you, they just keep getting better and better.

While I love the Twin Cities dearly, I adore going back to Wisconsin for the weekend. There's just something about being back home, wearing cut-off jeans, flannel and Birkenstocks, sitting outside, reminiscing about our "famous" family stories. The only thing that makes it better is when we have drinks in our hands. 

And in my family (yes, both sides), that means a good 'old Wisconsin old fashioned. (Seriously, check out this NY Times article.)

In Wisconsin, old fashioneds are the drink of choice. Trust me, years of research, bar hopping and family events have validated how true this is. Old fashioneds are as beloved as the Green Bay Packers, a home cooked meal, fishing in the summertime, supper clubs and the first winter snow. So for a weekend spent at the cabin, old fashioneds were (and are always) a necessity.

While many people consider it a "townie" drink, old fashioneds can get pretty specific, depending on how you like them. All old fashioneds start with bitters - the key ingredient. From there, the drinker has a choice of either whiskey or brandy. Next, you can have your old fashioned sweet (7 Up) or sour (Squirt). Finally, the drinks are topped with the appropriate garnish (anything from cherries to oranges, lemon, olives, brussel sprouts, tomatoes - the list goes on). On my mom's side of the family, we usually take our drinks "whiskey sour."

Thankfully, we were in luck for the weekend - the folks at Alibi Whiskey were generous enough to let us test out their new product for our weekend at the cabin. A true old fashioned family with more than a few opinionated characters, Alibi was really putting themselves to the test with us!

So how did we make our old fashioneds while roughing it in the woods? Easy. See our family recipe below!

Step 1: Admire the Alibi. 

Step 2: Slice your lemons.

Step 3: Place one at the bottom of each cup (the more drinkers, the merrier).

Step 4: Add a few dashes of aromatic bitters (to taste. Our family usually does 3-4).

Step 5: Make sure your dog is happy as a clam.

Step 6: Muddle the lemons with the aromatic bitters (if you're roughing it in the woods, use any tool available [i.e. wooden spoon]).

Step 7-8: Admire the whiskey again, and pour (lightly or generously to taste, about 1 shot worth)

Step 9: Fill each cup to the brim with sweet (7 Up) or sour (Squirt).

Step 10-11: Admire your work.

Step 12: Admire the whiskey again.

Step 13: Stir each glass, and garnish as needed.

Step 14: Drink up.

The result? DELICIOUS. Smooth, refreshing and the cherry on top of a perfect weekend with family and friends. Alibi, you're welcome at our cabin anytime. Thanks again!

Does your family have a favorite food or drink? I'd love to hear more!

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Style: Icon

In my day-to-day life, I rarely meet anyone even semi-famous (apart from a TV news reporter here and there). And even in their presence, I'm a tad bit starstruck. Never in a million years did I think I would get to be in the presence of one of my fashion + style icons.

Well, last Thursday was no normal Thursday, folks.

As you can probably have guessed, Lily Aldridge has been a favorite of mine for a while now. From her beyond gorgeous hair, effortless personal style and fresh outlook on life, she's quickly become one of my icons (see some of my favorite looks below).

one || two || three || four

Well, luck would have it that she was making a pitstop at Rosedale Mall for a little meet and greet at Victoria's Secret...not going was not an option.

In person, Lily was every bit as stylish as I thought she would be. But the best part? She was real. Super talkative, engaging and girly, just like everyone else (she even snuck a few peeks at photos being taken onsite to make sure she looked ok [admit it, you've done that too]). Not to mention, she danced all afternoon to the music from the DJ (when no one else was dancing). A class act with a killer sense of style? The girls a keeper in my book.

While it's totally cheesy, we had to sneak a pick while we were there (Jack just had to get one too!)

|| Photos are property of Victoria's Secret || 

So tell me, loves, which of your style icons would you love to meet?


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Style: Quintessentially British

It's not every day a prince is born. Congratulations, William and Kate!

Following the birth of the new prince via the Internet, television, newspaper and about every social media outlet possible made me nostalgic for my time in England just a few short years ago. You guys, England (in my personal, very biased opinion), is a phenomenal place. It's charming, quaint, bustling, traditional and oh so perfect. Ever since I can remember, I have imagined England to be a magical place. Six years (and a fantastic English vacation later), I am still convinced it is one of the most fantastic places on the planet. Not to mention, I'm a huge fan of chilly temperatures and a rainy day. Yesterday made me unbelievably nostalgic (so much so that I had to tear myself away from ticket-searching on So what did I do instead? I shopped.

My wallet is currently happy with me (I haven't bought anything yet), but the day is still young, folks. I adore all things British. I mean, how cute are these things? You're telling me. 

Harrods Bag - Any shopping addict can tell you, Harrods is amazing. I think I purposely tried to get lost with the hopes of never ever leaving. One of my favorite parts were their charming green shoulder bags. Perfect for anything and everything.

Trench Coat - In my opinion, the trench coat is a classic staple that should make it's way into every closet. I'm still saving up for mine (I told myself a long time ago that a Burberry trench coat would make its way into my closet and never leave).

The Beatles - A lover of all things England with a little hippie streak, The Beatles are my anthem and my lullaby. I heard my first Beatles song as a toddler through the speakers of my great aunt's jukebox. Ever since, it's been a love affair.

Oven Mitt - I THINK I NEED THIS. Somehow, this has to make its way into my kitchen. 

Jamie Oliver's Great Britain - My tastebuds have been craving a bit of English food lately (I think my body is already prepping me for winter), and I've been eyeing up Jamie Oliver's Great Britain. I think that might be the next cookbook we welcome into our kitchen!

Spice World - My first cassette tape (yes, you heard correctly) was The Spice Girls. The first DVD I can remember renting? Spice World. After asking my parents to rent it for me for nearly a year, they took the hint and finally bought my sister and me the VHS. Growing up, that movie was basically our bible (can you not judge me if I say it still might be?)

English Breakfast Tea - I was not a tea aficionado before heading to England, but after returning home, I couldn't get enough. Years later, I still can't (an old fashioned high tea calls my name at least once or twice a year...)

Fur Scarves - I'm not sure if it's the cool temperatures, rainy days or English countryside that does it to me, but when I think of dressing for a stint in England, my suitcase wouldn't be completely packed without a faux fur scarf.

Clotted Cream - Eating an entire jar might send you into cardiac arrest, but if that happened, I know I'd die happy. Heaven in a jar, my friends.

Burberry Brit - I bought my first bottle in Middle School (insert question about how I found enough money to buy myself that perfume, or how ridiculous I must have appeared to my parents). Years later, it's still a favorite.

Clear Umbrella - Have you ever been walking on a crowded sidewalk during a downpour? This thing is a godsend.

Rug - OK, I threw this one in here for fun. If I could afford to buy that rug, it would be in our apartment quicker than you can say "God save the Queen."

Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramels - FORGET what you have seen here, my friends. Trust me - one bite of one of these chocolate bars and there is no turning back. 

Rain Boots - A must for any rainy-day traveler. In black? A classic (and oh-so British).

I apologize in advance to your wallets, gems.

God Save the Queen!

bag || trench || cd || oven mit || cookbook || dvd || tea || scarf || clotted cream || perfume || umbrella || rug || candy || boots

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Life: We Still Don't Have Internet...

But don't worry about us, we're happy as clams over here (especially this week - the pool is calling our name the minute we're done with work).

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Just a few more days, you guys, I promise. Everything should be all set up by Thursday! Can't wait to start posting regularly next week.

Have a wonderful day, gems (I recommend air conditioning all day long).


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Style: Obsessed: July

Well, this post is a little late. How on earth is it July already? Mid-July, at that? I don't know about you, ladies and gents, but the thought of our summer being half over makes me want to shed a tear and try as hard as I possibly can to find a way to pause time. that my dramatic little sob story is over, it's time for July obsessions.

While I'm a little heartbroken at the thought of summer going by so quickly, I'm swooning over glitter nail polish all day, every day. Seriously, there is no better time than summer to rock glitter on your nails (and toes). My favorite right now is Essie's Beyond Cozy. The name itself makes me want to cozy up underneath a flannel blanket and make s'mores around the camp fire (one of my all-time favorite summer activities). And the color is subtle enough for me to wear at work, yet fun enough for a summer night spent on one of my favorite Minneapolis rooftops. Loving it.

Next on the list? Those adorable natural crochet Toms. Jack bought me a pair for our anniversary, and I swear, my feet have barely left them ever since. They are beyond comfortable, and give any outfit (I repeat, any outfit) that "summer" vibe. I'm not sure how I'll be able to put these bad boys away come fall.

My current read? Pride & Prejudice. Ladies, if you haven't read this gem yet, by golly, I think you're in for a treat. Pride & Prejudice has always been one of my favorite novels, and I'm swooning over it even more this month, because Jack and I are seeing it live at the Guthrie Theater! "Excited" doesn't even begin to describe my emotions. A night at the theater with the man of my dreams (and Mr. Darcy)? Yes PLEASE.

Since the beginning of July, I've gone back to the center part. I gave it up for a little while (mostly due to a lack of confidence) but have decided that, at least for now, this look is here to stay. My inspiration? The always-chic Lily Aldridge. Let's get real, the girl has gorgeous hair and a style to die for. Am I obsessed? Absolutely.

Last but certainly not least, Neutrogena Clear Face Liquid Lotion Sunscreen. In the summer, I frequently forget how important skincare and sun care is. But this easy-to-wear sunscreen makes my routine a little bit easier. It's super lightweight and does not cause breakouts. I'm hooked (thanks Mom for the great recommendation)!

Have a great Tuesday, loves!

 - C

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Life: Checking In

Well hello there, I'm not sure we've met. My name's Courtney.

That's how I feel, you guys. Has it really been two weeks since I last posted on the blog? Needless to say, it's been way too long.

The past two weeks have been a serious whirlwind. I'm sure you've noticed, but it's already JULY. How did this glorious summer already {half} slip away already? I'm not sure about you, but I'm making the most of every warm, sunny day we have left!

But now it's time for the serious business. We're finally {almost} all moved in to our new place in St. Anthony Main! Just a few more pieces of art to hang and a serious day of cleaning out my old studio, and we'll be able to call ourselves Northeasters. The past week has been exhausting, exciting, overwhelming, trying and incredible all at the same time. But the hard work paid off. Despite a few unsightly bruises from carrying a mattress and a couch across Minneapolis {ok not really}, we're eager-eyed and chipper as ever to have a place of our own. 

So what have I been doing this past week? Well, we spent a few days in Wisconsin with my family, but cut our trip early to head back to Minneapolis to move into our new place together. The best part? My darling sister Cass spent the week with us to help us move! We moved boxes, a couch and a mattress, and assembled more IKEA furniture than I ever thought possible. We hung shelves, decorated every inch of our new place and slept ever so soundly in our new bedroom. We had a minor {disaster} incident with a broken closet shelf and have a few odd bruises here and there, but forgot all about it once we got a glimpse of our new pool. We celebrated Independence Day with good food, friends and lots of fireworks {pyrotechnic and romantic included - apologies, I just had to!} Somewhere in there, I got a patriotic pedi with my sister, had lots of caffeine, ate way too many carbs, spent time on the porch and had a fabulous celebratory dinner with the boy. But man, I missed you guys.

|| Photos are property of Twentyapolis. Do not use or distribute ||

We're still working on getting our Internet set up, so be patient with me and my sporadic posts over the next week or so. I promise, I'll be back soon, with pictures of the new place!

Oh, and have I told you lately you're the best for hanging in there with me through all of this? Well, you are.

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