Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Welcome to Twentyapolis! I'm so happy you're here. 

I created Twentyapolis to share my adventures in the lovely city of Minneapolis. From fashion to dining, design and everything in between, this is the tale of my life in the city. 

Getting to know me better: 

 My name is Courtney. I live for fall days and Saturday mornings. I'm a caffeine addict and have an obsession with chai tea. I believe that retail therapy is real and practice it frequently. Happy hour is my favorite hour. A red velvet cupcake can fix anything. White is my favorite color (yes, of course it's a color!) I adore snail mail and have been known to shed a tear over a well-written card. I can't turn down a trip to the farmers' market or a chance to buy fresh flowers. I'm a wannabe foodie. I believe in not overlooking the little things as they always seem to be what we remember most. Happiness to me is good friends, bold ambitions, a favorite song, sweet love and family. 

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  1. Your About Me is so cute! You sound like my kind of girl, haha.


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