Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Career: Doing Business

As graduation is right around the corner (less than a month away, but who's counting...) I've been trying to get into a business mindset. As a young, Twin Cities professional, how can I prepare myself for the real world and the job market?

My answer: personal business cards.

Whether this is the best idea I've ever had, I'm not really sure. But I have heard from a few classmates and media professionals I've come in contact with that if you have your own personal business card, you mean business. Well, I'd like to think I mean business. With that being said, my personal cards will be here in about a week! And yes, Twentyapolis did make it onto the business card. 

But the best part about having your own business cards is that you have an excuse to buy a fashionable little business card holder. My motto was that if I was confident enough to have my own personal business cards, I better have a fabulously stylish case to put them in.

And it wasn't an easy decision! Which one do you like? I just placed my order for Kate Spade's "Let's Do Lunch" on the bottom left!

What do you think of personal business cards?


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