Saturday, April 14, 2012

Life: Weekend with Mom!

The best weekend ever has just happened - my mom made her way to Minneapolis - rental car included! After a little run-in with a deer, she promptly hopped in a rental car to drive all the way to Minneapolis for our mother-daughter weekend!

I have to say, my mom might just be my soulmate. If I could have her here in college with me.. let's just say words couldn't even describe. After making the five hour journey, she finally arrived in my favorite city. My favorite person in my favorite city... what could be better?

The day clearly started with unpacking and drinks at B. Loco! Followed by dinner at Stellas, where I introduced my mom to sushi, and late night drinks at the Library with the boyfriend. Aren't they lovely?

NOT TO MENTION: One of my best friends is engaged! So absolutely thrilled about this entire day. Bridesmaid dress pictures to come!

But in the meantime, here is the beginning of my fabulous weekend with my mom!

|| My pretty mom ||
 || Celebrating the engagement ||
 || Love her ||
 || Stellas ||
 || Moms' Weekend ||
|| Not terrible ||

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