Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Life: Going Home

It's almost Memorial Day weekend, and that means one thing - I'm heading home to Wisconsin for the weekend!

In very small doses, Wisconsin is growing on me. This is weird because I spent the first 18 years of my life there. How is that possible? 

I think the reason why I never loved Wisconsin originally is because I grew up there, in a very small town which, at the time, was limiting for me. A graduating high school class of 120 in a town of only 3,500 people was too small for this girl. 

At 18, I moved to Minneapolis to go to the University of Minnesota. And I couldn't be happier here. The rest, really, is history.

But now that I'm far enough away from my hometown of Omro, Wisconsin, I do enjoy coming home for the weekend. Being at my cozy, perfectly decorated house (my mom is an insane decorator - honestly the best) is so enjoyable now that I'm gone. Home-cooked meals, dinners out with family, Friday fish fries at hole in the wall bars, rummage sales, glasses of wine or old fashions in the afternoon and morning coffee with my mom is perfect. Not to mention my handsome black lab Boone - he's almost reason enough to move right back home to Omro ASAP.

Ever since moving to Minneapolis, going home for long weekends has kind-of been my thing. The five hour drive by myself after work on Thursday, followed by an adventuresome weekend is more exciting than ever. As I look around my room, my bags are (almost) packed, my iPod is loaded with songs and I have the biggest smile on my face.

It's time to go home....(but only for a little while!) See you soon Wisconsin!

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