Sunday, June 17, 2012

Life: Summer Reading

Today was the day - I finally opened the pages to the first book on my summer reading list.

As a recent grad with a new job and no homework, I honestly thought I would have more free-time than I do. But with apartment hunting, working late and other odds and ends, I've discovered I'm still a little busy. But that's no excuse to not pick up a good book.

My solution? Reading before bed - and with how good my most recent read is, I know getting back in the habit of reading won't be a problem. At this rate, I'll have to force myself to put it down!

Here are the books on my summer reading list:

1. French Women Don't Get Fat by Mirielle Guiliano

2. The Anthropology of Turquoise: Reflections on Desert, Sea, Stone and Sky by Ellen Meloy

3. The Gospel According to Coco Chanel: Life's Lessons From the Most Elegant Woman by Karen Karbo

4. Persuasion by Jane Austen

5. Bitter is the New Black: Confessions of a Condescending, Egomaniacal, Self-Centered Smartass, Or, Why You Should Never Carry A Prada Bag to the Unemployment Office by Jen Lancaster

I'll let you know how they go! Let me know if you'd like to borrow them!

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