Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Life: Old-Fashioned Girls Night

Yes ladies and gents, tonight was the night - after countless hours planning, looking over schedules, deciding on a date, time and location, we finally did it - we booked an old-fashioned girls night.

Unfortunately, for a group of working women, finding a free night on everyone's calendars isn't easy. Between work, family events, work parties, happy hours and time with the significant other, we're busy. Sometimes too busy. But in our group, we always make room in our schedules for a night like this. 

We're a fun group - some of us louder, older, younger, quieter, more or less comedic or sarcastic than one-another, but our group works. As cliche as it is, we literally fit together, and it's very evident when one of us is missing.

In our group, time, space and distance don't change a thing. Whether it's been six minutes since our last text or six months since our last happy hour, we're a tight-knit group, where friendship is based on more than just the minutes we spend together. That's why we're us. A larger version of Sex and the City mixed with a little bit of Friends and a hint of the Bachelorette (obviously), we're a fun crew to be around.

After spending an evening gossiping, sipping drinks, spilling secrets, thoughts, questions and sometimes unwanted answers, I feel rejuvenated. Relationships are important to me, whether it's with my family, my boyfriend, girlfriends or coworkers. But I've realized that, as our schedules and lives begin to fill, it's not as easy to see each-other as it used to be. The trade-off? When we do see each-other, it's better than ever.

While I missed each and every one of these divas, it was worth the wait! Until next time, lovelies!

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  1. I just now stumbled across your page and realized once again why I love you. We couldn't put it into words any better than you doll! xo


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