Thursday, July 5, 2012

Style: Pretty in (neon) Pink

I'll be the first to say it, I'm not one who usually follows über current trends - I'm pretty content in striped tops, cigarette pants and flowy dresses. But every so often, a trend appears that I just can't ignore. Right now, it's neon pink.

Usually, I'm not a pink girl. In my mind, pink is only acceptable in spring, summer and on Valentine's Day. And neon pink? Only acceptable at an 80s party. But for some reason this summer, I'm liking it - especially with a tan. 

So I had to buy a (single) piece - just to try it out. One long-sleeved v-neck from Gap later, and I added a piece of neon pink to my wardrobe.

And so far? Fabulous. I may have to buy another piece (but let's not get hasty here!) 

Here are some of my favorite neon pink pieces!

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