Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Life: Common Happinesses

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My personal happinesses:

1. The first sip of my morning coffee
2. A random smile with a stranger
3. Baking in my kitchen
4. Sending and receiving hand-written letters
5. Being kissed
6. Waking up on a Saturday morning
7. Buying something on sale
8. A glass of wine
9. Thrifting
10. Making grand plans, real or imaginary 
11. Hearing my favorite song
12. Eating ice cream cones
13. Autumn
14. A relaxing bubble bath
15. Lazy afternoons with family
16. Petting my black lab, Boone
17. Giving gifts
18. Freshly washed sheets
19. Going out to lunch or dinner
20. Uncontrollable laughter

Where do you find happiness? Have a great day!

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