Thursday, September 6, 2012

Life: Goings On

It's honestly amazing the things you {don't} accomplish in a short week. Apparently, my mind is still in the wilderness after my camping weekend - it appears as though I've forgotten what Instagram is.

This last week, I went camping, grilled salmon over the fire, slept in a tent (which turned into a sauna in the morning) and ate lots of fruits and veggies. I canoed seven miles against the wind in that lake you see below and even went cliff jumping (such a rush - MUST.DO.AGAIN.SOON.) I made the one dish I could make in my sleep (pico de gallo) and made a summery birthday cake for Jack's mom. I day dreamed about my handsome black lab Boone and jumped for joy when my 'backyard' tree changed colors. I went thrifting (more on that later), prepped for Jack's 23rd (more on that later, too) and died laughing at the coaster below. All in all, good week.

For next week - remembering to Instagram is a must. It's a good thing I have a fun filled weekend ahead of me! Happy {almost} weekend!

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