Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Celebrate: Cheers to Thanksgiving

In my family, Thanksgiving has always been about spending time with family and friends, eating good food and being thankful... and that includes being thankful for holiday drinks.

After a cheerful phone call with my grandma this afternoon (our Thanksgiving hostess), it was decided that I would be supplying the wine for the holiday. As a 22-year old emerging wine aficionado, I was more than happy to oblige!

While I'm well-versed in dessert wines, choosing a wine selection for Thanksgiving dinner threw me a bit of a curve ball at first. With all of the flavors, how do you choose a wine to match them all?

Thankfully, Better Homes and Gardens had my back (as they always do)! I was happy to learn there's no "wrong" wine to pick for the event, and that simplicity and taste should be the most important factors. A lover of lighter wines with fruity flavors, I was happy to learn I had many options to choose from when wine shopping!

My family serves both turkey and ham at Thanksgiving dinner, so I'll be choosing a few different flavors that will go well with everything we're serving at the dinner table. From the turkey to the ham, mashed potatoes to cranberry sauce, these wines will enhance the multitude of flavors, rather than overpower them.


White Wine: Riesling
Blush Wine: Zinfandel
Red Wine: Pinot Noir

As you can see, I'll be buying Barefoot Wine and Bubbly this year - not only do they offer a wide variety of wines, but they're also extremely affordable, which is important for any girl on a budget! And the best part? They taste fantastic.

But I couldn't forget about the gentlemen of the family, who are beer drinkers to the bitter end. Since Jack and I will be celebrating Thanksgiving in Wisconsin, what better way to celebrate than with a Wisconsin beer? Hello New Glarus Spotted Cow!

Buying wine for Thanksgiving? I hope this helps! Need to know more? I'd love to help!

- C

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