Monday, November 12, 2012

Style: Thank Goodness for Thanksgiving

As you can see, I'm in a bit of a Thanksgiving mood lately. But sadly enough, I think Thanksgiving is a severely underrated holiday. Not only do we get two days vacation from work, but we literally get to eat as much as we want with zero judgement for it. And if you're a part of my family, the same can also be said for alcohol, which is acceptable the minute the turkey goes in the oven (which usually means 11 a.m.) What's not to love?

As Thanksgiving is all about eating, having a suitable outfit is key (and is a great reason to go shopping.) Needing the perfect mix of style and comfort, it's important to get the outfit right. 

For me, it's all about warmth and comfort (with a hint of cuteness.) What you see below is almost exactly what I'll be wearing on Thanksgiving (seriously, that sweater is hanging in my closet.) The rest of the items I already have (or a close version of them.) The best part? The price was right - nothing I bought broke the bank, and many of it I already owned.

What are you wearing this Thanksgiving? Tell me more!
- C

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