Saturday, December 1, 2012

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Hello Twentyapolis readers! I’m delighted to be back once again, this time to talk about one of my favorite trends we’re seeing this winter – lace!
Timeless and chic, the lace trend we loved so much this past spring and summer is moving into winter with us. While you might have scooped up a light colored lace dress over the summer, dark lace dresses have been popping up in stores everywhere as we head into the cold months. 

      || banana republic ||                            || loft ||                                  || h&m ||

In addition to all of the gorg lace dresses out there, we’re seeing this trend surface in other garments and accessories as well. Try a pair of pants with lace embellishments for the office, a lace sweater for a casual weekend look or scarf with lace trim.

              || ann taylor ||                              || j. crew ||                            || nordstrom ||

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