Saturday, December 22, 2012

Travel: Up in the Air.

Hi darlings! Today, I'm flying from Minneapolis to Milwaukee to meet my family before heading off to the Dominican Republic for the holidays. With one flight today and another tomorrow, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to talk about holiday travel, and how to make the best of your time up in the air at 30,000 feet.

Before You Fly:
1. Update your playlists. Nothing is worse than being on a flight with nothing to listen to. Seeing a local band in the next few months? Upload their latest album. It'll be new music to your ears (literally) and will help you learn the lyrics before their show. That's what I'm doing! 
2. Pack your carry-on wisely. For me, this means a good book, headphones, lotion, chapstick, chewing gum and my wallet. Keep your bag small and light so it is as easy to carry as possible.
3. Check your flight status. Make sure you know your flight number, layover city (if you have one) and what gate you'll be boarding from. Most importantly, especially with the snowy Midwest weather, check to see if any flights are delayed at your airport (hopefully yours won't be!)
4. Wear the right outfit. While comfort is key, looking nice is just as important. Black leggings with a winter sweater or a blazer, a cute necklace and boots is a great look for traveling.

While On Board:
1. Be respectful of the passengers around you. Avoid eating odorous food, taking up the entire armrest or reclining your seat to its full extent. 
2. Use the restroom before the flight takes off, if possible. By doing so, you'll get to forego the long line once the crew says it's free to move about the cabin.
3. Be polite. Say hello to those sitting next to you, but don't feel you need to have a long conversation. Many passengers look forward to the alone-time they have while traveling, and prefer to read or sleep.

Safe travels during the holidays!

 - C

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