Saturday, January 19, 2013

Life: Little Black Bag

It's good to be back, loves! After a fabulous day guest posting on Run Shop Eat Repeat, I'm excited to show you what's in my purse! (No idea why I'm this's got to be a Saturday thing.)

This concept of purses being "sacred" has always baffled me. Maybe I don't keep interesting enough keepsakes in my purse. That aside, my purse is practical and is all about the basics - nothing fancy here.  As long as I have the essentials, I'll be prepared wherever I go!

Wallet: Jack gave me my first real, big-girl wallet for my birthday this year. Finally, I'm a grown-up! I love this wallet because it's so large I can fit everything - money, credit cards, change, coupons, everything. And it's unbelievably chic - my favorite part!

Sunglasses: I love my Ray Bans and take them everywhere I go. While I don't get much use out of them in the winter, I like to keep them on hand at all times just in case.

Magazine: I think it's always a good idea to have some light reading material if you have room in your bag. I've sat at way too many hair salons, oil changes and doctor appointments with nothing to help me pass the time. While I usually carry a book, I've been rereading the latest issue of Minnesota Bride while anticipating the new issue (which should be on newsstands soon!)

Ear buds: A necessity! I'm a Pandora addict at work and always seem to misplace the pair I have at the office. These have come in handy on many occasions. 

Pen and journal: I've learned the hard way that I will not always remember everything and need to write it down! While my iPhone is good for almost everything, I prefer a good 'ole pen and paper. And I just couldn't resist that cute little journal at Target. When you see the price, you'll understand.

Mittens and headband: While my mind is dreaming of summer and warmer weather, I'm practical. I live in Minnesota. And it's January. I need these.

Personal items: Just the basics. Chapstick, lotion, body spray, allergy medicine, foundation and lipstick (if I'm feeling classy!) 

And I can't forget my iPhone. I'd be lost without it! What do you keep in  your purse?

 - C

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