Monday, February 4, 2013

Read: Book Club

Ok you guys, remember how I said I was going to keep my resolutions this year? To fill my resolution of reading more books, I joined a book club! Thankfully, two of my best friends, Sarah and Liz, also wanted to read more in 2013. Being the clever ladies we are, we decided to join forces and start a book club. Good books, great conversation and lots of wine - what could be better?

Our first meeting is tonight, and I found myself wondering...what exactly do I bring to a book club meeting? Well, as I'm clearly no expert (book club first timer over here...) I thought the book of the month, a journal, a bottle of wine and a big bag to put it in sounded about right. And if I'm wrong, at least I'll have next month to improve!

Any book clubbers out there? What do you bring to your monthly book club meetings?

 - C
bag || book || journal || wine

And yes, for all you wondering minds, Fifty Shades of Grey was our first book! It was Liz's idea, I promise!

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