Friday, March 22, 2013

Fit: Good Morning, Sunshine

I'm typically an after work workout kind of gal. Getting up early in the morning (well, earlier than my 5:30 a.m. wakeup call) just is not my thing. If it's not yours either, let's be friends.

While I don't want to run a 5K before getting ready for the day, I do need a little something to kickstart my morning. And with my newfound love of yoga, I have just the exercise - sun salutations.

While I do sun salutations during every yoga class, it never occurred to me to do them in the morning as soon as I woke up. Thank goodness I stumbled across this article on Free People Blog. Such a great graphic and information. I just had to share!

Sun salutations are poses in which you literally salute the sun. The 12 poses will help you start your day strong with a clear mind. 

Do the below 12 poses, linking them together to create a series. Repeat five times, and begin your day!

Below are the 12 poses and their descriptions (thanks to Free People.) Have a great day, loves!

 - C

1: Begin in Mountain – hands clasped together and placed tightly under your chin

2: Raise hands overhead, press pubic bone forward, tighten buttocks and open chest – inhale
3: Forward Fold – tailbone up, hands next to feet – exhale
4: Right foot back to Lunge – press heel of back foot, lengthen spine – inhale
5: Bring left foot back to Plank positions, long spine – hold breath in
6: Drag knees, chin and chest to floor – exhale
7: Sweep forward to Cobra – inhale
8:  Lift tailbone to Downward Dog – exhale
9: Right foot forward to Lunge – inhale
10: Left foot forward to Forward Fold – exhale
11: Lengthen spine, reaching out and up – press pelvic bone forward, opening chest – inhale
12: Exhale and release back to Mountain
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