Monday, April 29, 2013

Life: Catching Up

Hi dears! It's been way too long, don't you think? Regardless, I hope you had a fantastic weekend! I know I did - the weather in Minneapolis was in the 70s. Needless to say, I was one happy girl. Spring is finally here (I hope)!

This weekend, Jack and I had barbecue and drinks at Rudolph's to celebrate the warm weather and the end of a very long week. We even got my favorite Pavarotti ice cream from Sebastian Joe's (seriously, to die for). We took a walk around Lake of the Isles and I cooked a delicious Saturday breakfast (if I do say so myself). We drank lots of coffee, went grocery shopping and bought a sweet little birthday present for my baby sister - she's turning 20 in two weeks! We watched movies, spent time outside and grilled out for the first time this year. Oh, and I did my laundry. All in all, a huge success.

How was your weekend, loves? Hopefully sunny!

 - C

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