Saturday, May 11, 2013

Life: Day 11: Sell Yourself

Helloooooo weekend! I'm in Wisconsin for a few days to celebrate a few big time celebrations - my sister's 20th birthday, my grandparents' 50th anniversary and Mother's Day! Talk about a big weekend. So instead of selling myself in 10 words  for Blog Every Day in May today, I'm going to tell you 10 reasons why my baby sister (who is somehow 20 years old today) so ridiculously amazing.

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1. She tells life as it is, and doesn't have a problem letting anyone know how she feels.

2. She is ridiculously good at doing makeup.

3. She snorts when she laughs and completely owns it.

4. No matter how many days she's gone without washing it, her hair always somehow looks good.

5. She has her own style and doesn't follow the popular trends.

6. She's a great story teller and can make anyone laugh.

7. She loves tattoos and piercings. They're her thing, and she rocks them.

8. She's a phenomenal dancer and can out-dance anyone on the dance floor. 

9. She can quote lines from almost any movie. And commercial.

10. She owns all of her cheesy nicknames we've given her (Squanto, Chester, Baby Kevin and Boo, just to name a few)

There are a million more, but I'm only limiting myself to 10 today, because it's time to celebrate her birthday at dinner! Happy Birthday, Cass! Love you!

 - C

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