Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Life: Day 22: The Rant

It's all about dislikes on the blog today, friends. As we're dwindling down to the final days of Blog Every Day in May, it appears we're moving from things we adore to things we despise.

Well, this isn't how I thought I'd start out my Wednesday. But here goes nothing.

Not-So Happy Things
1. When my apartment is dirty for no reason at all (i.e. dust, etc.).
2. When I look at my bank account and realize, as a college graduate, I'm still basically poor.
3. Rainy days when you have plans that require beautiful sunny weather.
4. Cold feet (literally and figuratively).
5. Bad hair days.
6. Spending money on things for the sole purpose of throwing them away (paper towels, toilet paper etc.).
7. People who are purposely not eco-friendly.
9. When I order clothing online and it doesn't fit. And then I go to return it at the store and the date I can return it by is long gone.
10. Migraines and canker sores.

OK, that's enough ranting for the day. It's already Wednesday, and we all have a long weekend ahead of us! Enjoy the day!

 - C

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