Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Life: Day 27: Well Hello There

Well hello there, gems.

Today's post for Blog Every Day in May goes out to all of you. Over the past year, you guys have been my rock. You have listened to me complain about the important things and the not-so important things, babble on about my most recent favorite {insert whatever it is here}, go on and on about my amazing family, handsome boyfriend, studio apartment, job and everything else. You've been there for me on my best days, and my worst. You've put up with me through it all, and I adore you for it. You inspire me to write every day and to put my feelings down on paper (er...on the Internet). You inspire me, guys. And I hope that, even if only a little bit, I've inspired you.  

Thanks again, loves. Xoxo.

 - C

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