Thursday, May 30, 2013

Life: Day 30: Letting Go

While Blog Every Day in May is nearing an end, they threw us a curve ball today. My reaction to "letting go?" Just that.

As a 20-something, I feel like I've been doing a lot of holding on rather than letting go. I'm holding on to all of these notions of things I should and need to be doing.  Somewhere along the line, I created this imaginary list of expectations that, as a 20-something, I was expected to do. And let me tell you, I'm not a fan of this list.

Expectations of a 20-Something
1. Get a {good paying} job {with room for growth and a great benefits package}
2. Meet someone special {and be/stay in a serious relationship}
3. Start saving money for a house {in the suburbs} and buy one ASAP
4. Start buying adult things {like heels and stocks}
5. Start saving money {boatloads}
6. Start a 401k {like, right now} 
7. Work hard and put in your time and due diligence in your career path
8. Don't complain {ever} and be perfect at all times.
9. Figure out your entire future {all of it}
10. Did I mention having all your shit together? Because you need to do that, too.

Ummmmmm...are you stressed yet?

I think this imaginary list is the reason for {a portion of} my stress. While I think all of the items on this list are good ideas, I think they are by no means necessary for being deemed "successful" in your twenties. Or at least I hope not. I'm done holding on to this list. Instead, I'm letting go.

In its place, here's my list of important things to do in my 20s.

My Expectations of Myself as a 20-Something
1. Find out what I'm good at in the job market, and find a job I like {for now}
2. Be in love and happy
3. Have an emergency money fund {you know, just in case} and try to start spending money more wisely
4. Buy all the flats I can get my hands on
5. Start a 401k
6. Travel and live out of a suitcase when I can
7. Work hard at my job, and always continue improving
8. Do things for myself, like blogging and relaxing
9. Be healthy
10. Build upon and nurture important relationships with friends and family

There you have it, loves. I'm letting go. And this saying describes it perfectly.

- C

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  1. I love this post! I went through this same situation when I was about a year out of college... had to let go of these insane expectations that people place on you. I'm so sick of reading all these stories and articles telling 20-somethings how to and how not to live their life, when the perfect time to get married is, when to buy a house, etc. The bottom-line is... if you do things according to someone else's timeline, you'll be disappointed and unsettled. If you do what you feel is right, when it feels right for you, you'll rarely be disappointed (even if it doesn't work out, because you did it for YOU). {steps off of soapbox}

  2. I agree so much with your comment. It's so difficult to let go of other people's expectations and start living your life by your own rules. You are honestly a GREAT example of this - I so admire you!


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