Thursday, May 9, 2013

Life: Day 9: A Moment In My Day

Apologies this post is a little late! I was trying to think of the most perfect moment of my day to show you. I was deciding between my first glorious cup of coffee this morning, my gorgeous view from the atrium at my office, my relaxing drive home from work or even the fantastic happy hour and dinner I had with my BFFs this evening. But when I saw THIS on the weather app on my phone, I knew this one took the cake.

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Are you cringing yet? Don't worry, I did too.

When I checked out my weather app this evening to see what I should wear to work tomorrow, I was absolutely horrified to see that the high for the next day was 46 degrees with a low of 5. EXCUSE ME!?!??! My thoughts exactly. But then I realized that it said tomorrow was Monday. This is when things got fishy. As I looked a little closer, I realized that there was no way this weather forecast was accurate. Surely, the weather app had to be wrong. Because I like drama, I am convinced it was HACKED.

Sure enough, I checked the forecast in Rome (no judging that I have Rome, my favorite city, as a weather setting). The current temperature in Rome? 18 degrees with a high of 72. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is safe to say the weather app is hacked (or maybe it isn't, don't quote me on this).

There you have it, a (slightly horrifying) moment in my day. How was your Thursday, dears?

 - C

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