Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Beauty: Let's Talk Skincare

Well hello there, loves! Can you believe it's the middle of the week already? I know - thank goodness! Today on the blog, we're talking about skincare.

OK guys, I hate to admit this to you, but my skincare routine is...lacking. And by lacking, I mean I don't really have a skincare routine other than washing my face with a daily cleanser every morning in the shower. That's IT. But as I'm working to become healthier and better myself this year, I'm just not OK with that.

If we're being real here, I totally take skincare for granted. I've been blessed with relatively nice skin. I have never had acne, other than the few blemishes here and there every once in a while. Because I've never had to take my skin care regimen seriously, it's fallen way to the wayside. And it's time to change that.

While sticking to a skincare routine has been difficult, knowing which brand I was going to go trust to help me change that was easy. For all you dolls out there, remember being a little girl and wearing your mom's makeup/high heels/clothes? My childhood was a little different. Instead of reaching for my mom's lipstick, I remember sneaking into her bathroom to use her Neutrogena Body Oil, and taking a sip of her vanilla coffee as I left. Almost 20 years later, I still do that every time I'm home.

Just my luck, Neutrogena is kicking off The Ultra Gentle Cleanser Challenge, featuring their Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser.  Lately, I'm a sucker for challenges (remember Blog Every Day in May?) Naturally, I couldn't resist. Today marks day one of the seven day challenge!

So far? L-O-V-E (see the pictures of my first use below)! Granted it's only day one, but I'm swooning over the scent and am loving how fresh it makes my face feel. I have six more days to decide if this product is here to stay, but right now, things are looking good! 

Want to join me in the challenge? Click here for a coupon for $2 off and challenge your current cleanser to a face-off with me! 

 - C
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