Monday, June 10, 2013

Style: Obsessed: June

Let me just start by saying...How is it Monday already? These weekends have been coming and going in the blink of an eye, I tell you! On that very same note, how is it already June? 

Seeing as it's already summer, I think it's about time I got my act together when it comes to organization on the blog. Let me just admit that I have been doing oh so poorly lately when it comes to my weekly and monthly columns (remember this post about them from November?) Well, it's about time I get back on track. And with that, I'm introducing my newest monthly column, Obsessed. Instead of posting here and there about things I'm currently swooning over, I'll post one list each month. And with that (and a wee bit late), here's June!

I'm a flats girl, through and through. But sometimes, my beloved flats just won't do. While I'm a strong anti-heel kind of gal, I do have a {secret, hidden, very small but significant} place in my heart for wedges. And those beauties below (a Target steal) are the newest addition to my wardrobe. 

I'm also obsessing over The Transport Tote from Madewell. I'm currently participating in the Super Summer Challenge through Back to Her Roots (adore this blog), and the Transport Tote is my reward when I reach my ultimate goal at the end of the summer. 

This month (and I predict many months in the future) I'm also obsessing over the Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser from Neutrogena. I'm currently participating in their seven-day skincare challenge (see more here) and am already over the moon about this new cleanser, and it's only day 5. 

Next on the list? Avocados. Seriously, need I say more? These babies are packed with potassium and protein and taste good on almost everything. And they're affordable. Obsessed.

Last but not least, I'm swooning over NYC right now. Later this week, I'm heading to the Big Apple for a girls weekend with some of my BFFs, and I couldn't be more excited! NYC, here we come!

|| set ||

 - C

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