Thursday, June 27, 2013

Life: The Big Move

I say this frequently, but it really amazes me how quickly time goes by. Remember my post in March about moving in with Jack? It seems like just yesterday we toured our new apartment building and signed our lease. But somehow, we move in next week already! So apologies that you haven't seen much of me on the blog lately, loves. Let's just say my apartment is one giant mess, and I'm living out of boxes and suitcases for the next few days until we move in next week.

So I bid you adieu for a few days as I condense my entire wardrobe and studio apartment into a U-Haul and make the move to Mill & Main! I can't wait to show you my new apartment - lots of decorating, de-stressing tips and lessons learned coming your way! See you soon.

- C

|| I wish I looked as fabulous as this gem while packing! ||


  1. Thanks Rose! It's definitely a work in progress, but it's getting there! Pictures to come!



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