Sunday, September 15, 2013

Recipe: Champagne Cosmopolitans

Happy Sunday, gems.

This post is a tad bit overdue (OK, quite a bit overdue). But let's skip to the point. In my opinion, everything is better with a little champagne.

A few weeks ago, Jack and I invited a few friends over for a few drinks to celebrate our new place in St. Anthony Main. And in my opinion, every good party needs a signature drink. For our housewarming party, the drink of choice was the champagne cosmopolitan.

Thankfully, Oddka Vodka sent us a bottle of their newest vodka to help us celebrate (thanks, Oddka!) A few additional ingredients later, and we were sipping champagne cosmos all week long. I typically am not a vodka drinker, but these babies were delicious. Each glass called for one shot Oddka Vodka, 1/2 shot triple sec, 1 shot cranberry juice and a squeezed lime. Champagne and fruit garnishes top off the drink.

All in all? Delicious - and a new fave!


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  1. Those look so fun :) I live by St. Anthony Main as well -- such an awesome area!

  2. It's the best area! So much to do and see - we really do live in one of the best places in Minneapolis! What are your favorite restaurants and shops?

    1. I love Anchor (up on 13th Ave), Ginger Hop, Wild Roast...pretty much all of them really ha. My husband and I have been living in the area for over 2 years and I still feel like there are so many places we haven't even gone to yet! You?

    2. We love all three - we actually went to Anchor for the first time this spring - such a hidden gem! We love Wilde Roast for brunch, Bulldog for drinks and Red Stag for fancier dinners. We've been wanting to try Northeast Social and Modern Café - have you been?


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