Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fit: Me + My Mat

A little bit of light and a little bit of heavy on the blog on this Wednesday, gems.

Remember a few weeks ago (but only a few posts ago) when I said I was attempting my first half marathon? Well, life got in the way a little bit this time, and my goal of running a half marathon is going to have to hold off a bit longer. With my crazy work schedule, lots of travel and a deep need for rest and relaxation, I couldn't kick off my training schedule in time for the half marathon. I hate to admit this, but when it comes to running and training for my first half, I didn't reach my goal.

But don't worry - there's always a bright side.

Truth be told, in the short amount of time I started training before life came and knocked me on my bum for a few weeks, I found out that running really isn't my thing. Sure, I love sports where running is involved (long-time soccer lover, over here), but running without chasing something just isn't my cup of tea.

When I joined my previous gym in January (as one of my resolutions, of course!), I started getting into yoga again. I had dabbled with it here and there in college, but began seriously practicing early this year. The result? I loved how yoga made me look and feel. It's no secret that I'm naturally a type-A, high-anxiety kind of gal, so finding something that calmed me down, made me relax and helped me stay in shape was a miracle. Yoga made me feel great, made me want to eat better, get more sleep, stand up straighter and go to class after class after class. There was just something about me + my yoga mat. But when we moved to our new apartment and out of my neighborhood by my gym, I had to cancel my membership, and have been yoga-less ever since.

It's taken me a few months to figure it out, but yoga is something I genuinely need - not only for my overall health, but for my sanity. It's quite possibly the one time of day I'm actually relaxed - and for a girl on the go, I just can't give that up.

Thankfully, Corepower Yoga was open on Labor Day and saved me from my exercise and anxiety rut. I've reactivated my membership, and am so excited to begin practicing again. See? A little bit of heavy, and a little bit of light. There's always a silver lining, in my opinion.

(pssst...this is how I began my Wednesday morning - a little sunrise yoga session with my BFF.)


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  1. Replies
    1. I LOVE CPY! I go to the Minneapolis location. It's only a few blocks from my office and less than a mile from my apartment. Do you still practice? Which location do you go to?

    2. you should go to steph's class downtown at 6 am tues/thurs - and yes i still practice daily :) couldn't live without it!

  2. It really is the best? 6 a.m. Tuesday/Thursday? I'm sure I can make it one of these days! :)

  3. yes - it's super fun! i'll be there thursday if you're up for it :) otherwise, i'm sure i'll see you one of these mornings!

    1. I'll look at my work schedule for Thursday and will hopefully see you there! Either way, we should definitely grab a coffee at Caribou after class one of these days - I'd love to catch up!


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