Sunday, October 13, 2013

Style: Good to See You

Literally and figuratively, the title of this post captures everything I'm thinking lately. First and foremost, it is so good to see you! It's been far too long since my last post - trust me, just a few more days and I'll be back to posting regularly, I promise!

But also, it's literally so good to see you. On Friday afternoon, I had Lasik surgery, so I can literally see you 20/20 now, without glasses or contacts! In fifth grade, I was told I needed my first pair of glasses, which at the time I thought was fabulous. More than 13 years later, the novelty of glasses and contacts has completely worn off, and I was ready to kick them to the curb. I had been considering Lasik for quite some time now, and finally pulled the trigger and scheduled the procedure. While I was watery-eyed and and groggy for the first 24 hours, I'm feeling fantastic, and am so excited to see!

Even though my eyesight has improved, being able to not see so well for a few hours after the surgery reminded me how important eyewear is (not to mention, I was wearing a pair of sexy surgery glasses for the first 16 hours or so). So today's post is all about sunglasses. And yes, even though it's fall and winter is looming, eyewear is important! So treat yourself to a fabulous new pair (a GOOD pair with UV protection and polarization)!

See you soon, loves. 


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