Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Style: Sunshine Shift

Well, if I did nothing else while I was in the Caribbean, I did happen to snap a few photos for an outfit post.

This dress made its way into my heart a few weeks ago when Jack and I were out shopping at a few vintage stores in South Minneapolis. The minute I saw it, I knew it would be the perfect summer dress (and great for Mexico). I love shift-style dresses, and the pink and navy print screamed sunshine to me. A few minutes later, I was its proud new owner.

Seeing as how it's freezing and snowy in Minneapolis (and not much better in Reno, where I'm located this week for work), it's clear this outfit isn't necessarily timely. But considering what a fantastic time I had wearing it with my love in Mexico, I just had to share! (Not to mention, the last two photos perfectly capture my reaction when Jack is holding the camera and tells bad jokes. One of the many reasons I love him!)

And with that, it's time to put on the 25 layers it will take me to venture outside today. See you soon, loves.


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