Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Style: Monday Blues

I have to say, I definitely had the Monday blues yesterday.

The weekends always seem to fly by too fast in my opinion, but this last weekend went much quicker than most. Monday morning rolled around way quicker than it should have. While I love my job, there's just something about the weekend.

So Monday morning, I was blue. And my outfit (and some of these posts) reflected that.

Here's the thing - I'm hoping the (or one of the) reason(s) you like me and read my blog is because I'm real. When I started Twentyapolis and was thinking of the type of writing I wanted to create and the type of blog I wanted to have, my number one priority was to keep everything real and honest. And if I'm being honest, I don't wake up every day looking presentable (you should see how I look right now as I'm writing this post!). I also don't wake up every day in the best mood I've ever been in. There are days where I feel great, and days where I'm down in the dumps. Days where I feel pretty, and other days where I feel I might as well wear a paper bag because I'm helpless. Days where I feel like I can conquer the world, and others where I feel lost and misguided. So, even while yesterday wasn't my best day in more ways than one, it existed. My life is not perfect, and I would be doing myself, and all of you, a huge disservice by making you think that it was. 

My life (and Twentyapolis, for that matter), is and will always be an ever-evolving work in progress. But that's what makes life so great, right? 

So, even though my Monday started a little blue, I'm hoping to kick this Tuesday out of the park.

Let's do this.


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sweater: Ann Taylor Loft (similar) || necklace: Forever 21(similar) || purse: Coach (similar) || boots: Coconuts Britain Riding Boot || pants: Gap (similar) || coat: a.n.a. brand (LOVE this coat - highly recommend it!)

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