Saturday, February 8, 2014

Style: Casual Friday

One of my favorite things about working where I do is casual Fridays. The phrase itself is beyond glorious. Don't get me wrong, I definitely don't wear a suit to work every day {we have a business casual dress code}, but there's something about getting dressed in jeans and comfy shoes on Friday mornings that just starts everything off on the right foot.

Yesterday's outfit was a good one. I snagged that loung-y top the evening before at Forever 21, and kept cozy in my favorite scarf and boots. Plus, my hair cooperated with me {always a good thing}, and I was able to sneak away from my desk for a few minutes for a quick break/photo shoot with my coworker, Kelsey. She is a gem for being my photographer for a day {and maybe more days in the future...if she's OK with that!} A good, good day it was.

Well, I'm off to brunch/farmers market/oil change/errands and a million different things. Enjoy your Saturday, loves.


|| Photos are property of Twentyapolis. Please give credit. ||

top: Forever 21 || jeans: Ralph Lauren (similar, but mine were from T.J. Maxx) || scarf: Target || boots: Uggs

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