Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Life: Hiatus

Hello, my friends, from the world of cough drops, Robitussin, Kleenex and sleepless nights. For the past week (currently on day ten), I've been sick. With a virus. That I can't remember the name of, or pronounce. And no amount of sleep, over the counter drugs or orange juice has kicked it to the curb.

I lasted until the end of February. I thought I had escaped the winter cold altogether. Well, I thought wrong.

But even though I feel like I'm coughing my lungs out, I have done a little more than lay in bed all day.

Over the past few days, I did lay in bed. And I worked from home (in bed). I drank lots of orange juice and ate about 4,000 calories worth of cough drops. I did do all of that (and Jack was quite the handsome little doctor taking care of me whiel I did it!)

But then...when I felt a little better, Jack and I got hooked on our newest addiction, House of Cards. And we watched a lotttt of episodes (we're already on season two, and it's only been a few days). I got my hair cut, visited the cutest Northeast shop, Parc Boutique (and spent more money than I should have using the excuse "I'm sick, I deserve it"), and celebrated a good friend's birthday with local brews and dinner in Northeast Minneapolis (where I danced on a snow bank). We brunched and ate a 1.5 pound donut (yes, that happened), made the hellish Sunday trip to IKEA and redid part of our living room. And it looks amazing. Who knew what a new entertainment center could do to a room! To reward ourselves, we made delicious "carbs don't count/feel better" pasta and ate mounds of ice cream (oopsies, healthy eating plan). Come Monday morning, I worked my booty off at work and walked home from work in the frigid cold to clear my sinuses. To treat myself, I celebrated with a healthy dinner, my favorite pinot noir and an absolutely fantastic movie on Netflix (The Kids Are All Right - a must, must see).

On this Tuesday morning, I'm caffeinating like you wouldn't believe, and hoping this cold is almost done running its course.

Tuesday, you're mine.


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