Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Life: Presently...

Happy Tuesday, gems. 

Making: homemade everything. I love cooking.
Watching: Nashville, Chicago Fire and Chicago PD on Hulu.
Doing: laundry. Lots of laundry.
Thinking: that girls weekend in Chicago is going to be oh so fabulous.
Rocking: new leather heels/boots from Target.
Eating: hummus and kale chips. And dark chocolate everything.
Drinking: lots of red wine.
Missing: summer nights and all that seemed accomplishable due to the late setting sun. So excited to get it back with Daylight Savings.
Planning: our newest adventure (stay tuned for more!)
Working: on getting back into daily morning yoga sessions. My busy schedule has not made this easy.
Reading: this incredible article, Reaching My Autistic Son Through Disney
Wanting: new clothes for spring (if it ever arrives).
Enjoying: listening to new music with Jack (we're currently spinning Foxygen, Haim and Iron & Wine).
Writing: blog posts and sappy love notes to Jack because I miss him errrr'day.
Pinning: spring things.
Pondering: new posts for the upcoming week.
Listening: to music for upcoming concerts (Haim and Mogwai).
Liking: weekends spent lounging around our apartment.
Feeling: oh so excited to see my family next weekend.
Knowing: that winter is nearing its cold, bitter end.
Noticing: that the days are getting longer.
Debating: walking to work this week (it's supposed to be warm!)
Marveling: at how much I can accomplish on a Sunday with a good night's sleep and a bit of determination.


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