Monday, March 31, 2014

Style: Spring Shopping

You guys, I still can't handle how gorgeous it was in Minneapolis yesterday. Sunny and 60 degrees? Goodness gracious, I daresay yesterday was the best day of 2014 thus far. While snow is in the forecast again this week (tears will be shed), I can't shake this past weekend from my mind. Sunny and warm, it felt like spring was finally here.

While I'm trying to count my pennies for our upcoming trip to China, my need for new spring clothes got the best of me this weekend. But don't worry - I got great deals on my new purchases, of course!

On Saturday, Jack and I headed to the Lululemon warehouse sale to score some semi-on-sale yoga and running gear. Much to our surprise, we only had to wait around 25 minutes to get in. We each picked up a few odds and ends, but the score of the day was the fantastic spring jacket you see below (a steal for only $49!)

On Sunday, the warm, sunny weather took me and my BFF Becca outside. After strolling through Northeast hitting up some of our favorite locales (Dunn Bros and Rusty Taco), we headed to Parc Boutique, another absolute favorite. After an hour or so of shopping, that cute little denim hat and a sunny summer dress (not pictured) came home with me. Truth be told, my bank account is very, very lucky I exercised some self control that day.

So snow, it's about time you go away - me, my new coat and denim hat do not like you one bit.

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  1. Love it all! Glad you found that steal of a deal at the Lulu warehouse sale, I heard mixed reviews about it - it will be pref for China!!


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