Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Life: Busy Lady

You guys, I feel like one busy lady these days. I'm a total mix of emotions - busyness, exhaustion, excitement and a lot of relief. All of this, and it's only Tuesday!

Let me explain. Last week, I submitted my article for an upcoming issue of Minnesota Bride. And let me tell you, pressing submit on that bad boy felt good. So, so good. After locking myself in my apartment two weekends ago to write it, it feels incredible to have it finished!

But that doesn't mean my calendar is wide open. Quite the contrary, at least for the next twelve weeks. This week, I'm starting a mini-MBA social media program through Rutgers. While the course is completely online, it's back to school for me!

And then there's work, which always keeps me busy. I'm lucky to truly enjoy my job, and secretly love that I'm so busy at work sometimes that I forget to go even drink coffee in the morning (not sure how that's even possible).

And lastly, there's this {incredibly exciting} little trip to China that we're planning. Between getting our Visas, booking our travel and making sure we have everything we need for a week and a half in Asia, we're busy little bees over here.

For every thing I cross off on my to-do list, I add another. Spring, you're keeping me on my toes!

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