Thursday, May 29, 2014

Holiday: Home For the Weekend

I just love Memorial Day weekend.

For our family, this is a weekend of traditions. For the past few years, we've made sure each and every one of us (mom, dad, sister and boyfriends too!) has been able to take a few days off to enjoy the long weekend together. For us, the weekend truly starts on Thursday.

After a short flight from Minneapolis to Milwaukee, my dear dad picked me up at the airport! After a quick drive home together, we stopped to see my grandparents and waited for my sister to make the trek home from college. That evening, the four of us had a very nice, much-needed family dinner together. Just like old times, only better now that I can truly say that my family members are my best friends!

Bright and early on Friday morning (think 7 a.m.) we headed out for city-wide yard sales. Our hometown has been doing this for years and years, and as thrifty DIY-ers and deal aficionados, we always take part! The boys joined us on Friday evening, and we hit the town again on Saturday before heading to our cabin for a few days (my absolute favorite part).

We've had our cabin since before my sister and I were born. Some of my first (and best) memories were spent at the cabin. It's not just a second home to us; truthfully, I think we all feel most at home while we're there!

It was nothing short of perfect. The weather was incredible (sunny skies, no rain and temperatures in the high 70s), which made for a wonderful weekend in the great outdoors. Between hiking, lawn games, campfire stories, cooking, four-wheeling and quality time with our handsome black lab, the weekend went by way too fast!

One of my favorite parts of heading to the cabin was trying out my new Keen Utility Shoes, as well as a handful of spices from Urban Accents. Keen and Urban Accents were kind enough to send us some products to test out at the cabin, and we couldn't have been more impressed!

I always struggle when it comes to outdoor footwear. Our cabin has a sandy terrain, so sandals and tennis shoes don't really do the trick. In all my years there, I've never found "the" shoe that stood up to everything we do at the cabin (camping, cooking, hiking, volleyball, bundling wood etc.) While I loved how the Flint Low PR looked, I was even more impressed with the fit and durability. These bad boys received so many compliments this weekend. Not to mention, I didn't get a single blister, nor a sock full of sand. Jack was just as impressed with his Tuscon Low PR boots. We have a handful of camping trips planned for July and August, and these boots will be the first thing we pack!

Same can be said for the Urban Accents spices. Truthfully, I usually buy my spices at the grocery store and don't pay much attention to what I'm getting and how to use it. That's what made the Ultimate Grill Master Gift Set so great. It was packed with spices that everyone in our group could agree on and loved (we chose the Kansas City Classic Rub for our burgers and peppers on Saturday evening, and the Sonoma Pepper on our fire roasted potatoes on Sunday). Since my dad so kindly drove 3 hours round trip to pick me up at the airport, the grill set was the perfect thank you gift for him (he's the master of the grill at the cabin!) Next time we visit, I'm bringing the chipotle parmesan and cilantro lime corn on the cob seasonings with me. We can't wait to try them!

And then just like that, in the blink of an eye, it was Monday. Goodbyes are always so hard for me, especially after such a wonderful weekend. But I didn't have long to be upset; Jack and I had our big China trip to plan for. We're currently in flight to Seattle as we speak!

From Wisconsin to China, just like that. We'll talk to you soon!

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