Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Life: Presently

Making: lots of yummy foods (including a birthday cake) for when my family visits this weekend!
Watching: Girls on HBO.
Doing: my online social media course through Rutgers University 3-4 times/week.
Thinking: that my schedule over the next few months is so, so crazy. I think that summer has that effect on everyone.
Visiting: our friend Ned at work at Borough in Minneapolis. Yum, you guys. Yum.
Rocking: white Converse sneakers to welcome spring.
Spending: Time with our best friends, most recently at a Twins game!
Eating: seriously delicious veggie dishes, including that gorgeous dish at Borough.
Drinking: Saturday morning mimosas with that handsome guy.
Missing: being younger and having summer vacation. Remember those days?
Planning: my outfits the night in advance to work out in the morning. Recently, this consists of lots of spring sweaters + necklaces.
Working: a ton to get things ready to go for when we go to China - we leave in nearly three weeks!
Reading: The Kind Diet. A great read.
Wanting: a remote to pause time so I can get more sleep. It would be nice, wouldn't it?
Enjoying: that feeling you get after a great morning workout.
Writing: this blog post! I need to post more frequently, and am hoping I'm able to keep up while we're in China.
Pinning: recipes, DIY projects and pretty things.
Cooking: eggplant everything. Recipe coming your way later this week!
Pondering: ...will we ever become less busy, or does the busyness just keep increasing from here?
Listening: to Death Cab for Cutie. We just purchased tickets for Maha Music Festival in Omaha. Bring on the girls weekend and the great music!
Liking: sleeping in on the weekends, if and when I can.
Feeling: truly great for working out 4x/week before work (and loving how dorky Jack looks in my Lululemon headbands)
Knowing: that this weekend is going to be absolutely incredible with my family in town!
Noticing: that I'm a much calmer person with a clean apartment.
Going: grocery shopping on a weekly basis. Fresh food means hitting the supermarket every few days!
Debating: going to bed early? Oh I wish.
Loving: that Jack puts up with my crazy antics on a daily basis (I need not elaborate).

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