Monday, July 7, 2014

DIY: Travel Art

I'm so excited to kick off a month of DIY projects! I have some really good (and easy and cheap!) DIY projects to share with you this month that are perfect for summer. July is going to be a good, good month!

Travel is really important to Jack and me, so when I saw this adorable travel art canvas on Pinterest, I knew I had to make a version of our own. We've been looking for a few additional pieces of art to hang on our bare walls, and have come up short since we moved in a year ago. When I showed the artwork to Jack, he was on board. A short trip to the craft store (the total cost for supplies was under $35) and less than an hour later, and we had our personalized artwork!

Not only was making the canvas incredibly easy (trust me, see the steps below), it gave us the chance to discuss some of our "must visit" places. In addition, now we have a physical list (and piece of art) outlining where we'll be traveling in the future. It will be hard for us to make excuses not to travel when we can see our list hanging in our living room every day!

Canvas (mine was 24x48 inches)
Black paint
Paint brush
Nail and hammer (to attach to wall)

1. Determine a list of places you'd like to travel to. Depending on your canvas and handwriting, plan for 8-12 total destinations.
2. Pour the black paint in a separate dish and swirl with your paintbrush.
3. Begin writing your destinations from top to bottom.
3. Wait for the canvas to dry, and hang on a wall or prop against a wall or in a corner.
4. Enjoy and travel!

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