Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Style: Evergreen Girl + Guy

Technically I said this was going to be a month of DIYs (which it is!), but Jack and I snapped a few outfit photos over the weekend in my parents' backyard that I just couldn't help but share (you'll see why when you scroll down).

Honestly, outfit posts are just not my thing. While I usually like how they turn out in the end, I don't think I'll ever be comfortable posing for pictures, even in front of just Jack. Sensing my shyness, Jack jumped in and posed for a few himself while we were shooting this over the weekend. The photos are hysterical and totally helped me open up in front of the camera. While I don't think this will ever be natural for me, seeing him mimic my poses with his goofy sense of humor totally helped.

He's a keeper.

|| Photos are property of Twentyapolis. Must give credit. || 

on her || tank: Gap || shorts: Target || shawl: Target || sandals: vintage
on him || tee: gifted || shorts: Banana Republic || socks: Under Armour

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