Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fit: Yoga Girl Challenge: Day 2

Day 2: Meditate.

Yoga every damn day, I think I can handle you. Meditation every damn day? Let's give it a whirl.

To start day 2 of the Yoga Girl Challenge, I did some yoga, which wasn't easy for me (I stayed up a little too late prepping this post, watching yoga videos and getting sucked into some gorgeous Instagram accounts). While I was tired, yoga felt so good. My body was craving the movement, stretching and serenity. Yoga every damn is feeling damn good.

After a quick 15 minute practice, I did my first meditation (yay!) I set a timer for 10 minutes to allow myself to fully relax, focus on my breathing and be still. It was time all for myself.

One of the main reasons I love yoga is because it helps calm my busy mind. The mixture of breathing and postures creates the perfect balance of relaxation for me. Before I began my meditation, I was nervous that my busy mind wouldn't be able to focus on breathing only. This hindered me for the first few minutes of my meditation. All I could think was "this isn't working!" mixed with "how much time has passed?" and "I should have started the coffee pot" and "stop thinking!" 

Not the best start to a "peaceful" meditation.

However, I was so glad I gave myself the full 10 minutes to meditate. Eventually, I was able to relax. I settled in to my seat, got comfortable, and began to acknowledge each of my thoughts, but to not focus on them. Near the end, my meditation was incredibly peaceful, that I think I was almost at that stage of being in-between sleep and awake. Maybe that's not good? Either way, it felt great.

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While meditating was a lovely start to my day, I think I'll see the biggest benefit from meditation during times of high anxiety, stress, big decisions or worry. I sometimes find it difficult to be at peace with my own thoughts during these situations, and I think meditating, focusing on my breathing and finding inner peace is a great place to start.

Do you meditate? If so, send all your pointers my way! 

Namaste. xo,

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  1. Looks super relaxing, I should take more time to do things like this!


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