Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fit: Progress + New Adventures

It's been just over three months since I dislocated my shoulder (but in all honesty, it feels like it has been dislocated for much longer). Most days, my progress seems slow, like I'm not getting stronger or back to how I used to be. But then there are days where I'm a little more optimistic.

A few weeks ago, my physical therapist told me I could start doing headstands again. Even though I was pretty positive my shoulder would pop right back out of place the minute I tried (I mean what does he know, the guy with the medical training and years of experience?), I gave it a shot. The first few times I tried? I fell. Hard and without any grace or poise.


But then, one day, I stayed up. And I kept staying up. 

|| Photo is property of Twentyapolis. Must give credit. ||

If this dumb dislocation has taught me anything, it's that sometimes life throws you lemons. And those lemons don't always equate to lemonade. Sometimes, the money you had saved up needs to go toward medical bills instead of new furniture or a new hobby. Lunch dates turn into physical therapy appointments, and mastering new yoga moves turns into learning how to get dressed with one arm (true story) or relearning how to do downward dog (also a true story).

But in the end, it's also taught me patience and persistence. It's brought me closer with my body and my physical being. It made me realize the beauty in natural beauty and being exactly who I am instead of trying to change myself. It has shown me that we're fragile but strong, and it taught me to be prepared for the unexpected. Most of all, it helped me further realize my passion for health and yoga and taking care of this body of mine. I'm not back to 100% yet (and who knows if I ever will be), but I'm getting there.

With that, let's lighten things up a bit, shall we? On to the GOOD news! Now that I'm finally able to get back into yoga, I realized that I need to start pursuing my yoga goals. While teacher training is out of the question for the distant future while I heal, I've been looking for a yoga retreat to attend. While I love taking classes, I think I'm ready to fully immerse myself into a week-long, healing, spiritual yoga program. And I know just the ladies I want to do it with!

This March, I'll be heading to Costa Rica for nearly 2 weeks with my best girl Caitlin to explore and practice yoga with Rachel Brathen! We're so excited to be attending Rachel's Costa Rica retreat next year and have already started planning our trip. Stay tuned for many, many more travel tips/planning details to come.

To progress and new adventures. Pura vida!

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