Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fit: Autumn Yoga Challenges - Week One

Autumn is a fabulous time for yoga.

While the temperatures are crisp outdoors, doing yoga in layers outdoors feels good. And indoors? The 95+ degree room at Corepower Yoga is starting to feel particularly nice when the temperature outside is in the mid 40s! October and November are such great months for yoga, that I'm embarking on two yoga challenges, both from the yoga studio I attend, Corepower Yoga.

I mentioned the first challenge a bit in my last post, but throughout the month of October, I'm doing one yoga post each day. Yesterday was the sixth day of the challenge, and so far, so good! I'm really enjoying the challenge of doing a different pose each day, and trying to find a new and exciting way to share the pose on Instagram. Today is pigeon pose, so look for that later today (and the rest of the poses throughout the month) on my Instagram account

The second challenge is about getting my bum to the yoga studio. Corepower Yoga is hosting a 30/40 challenge starting Thursday, October 9th. The challenge? Go to 30 yoga classes in 40 days (yikes!) I already took a look at my calendar, and it is doable...I just have to make sure I get to class. If I'm making excuses, please make sure I go!

The reason I'm so excited about this challenge is because the last time I participated in it, I dislocated my shoulder after roughly 15 classes. When I started the challenge, I was so determined on finishing it (I was even attending two classes a day sometimes!) Being forced to have to quit is a terrible, terrible feeling. I'm thrilled Corepower Yoga is hosting the challenge again, and I'm determined to finish it this time!

Are you doing any challenges this fall? Are you practicing yoga? Tell me more - I'd love to chat!

Dancer's Pose in the yoga studio at our apartment.

 Tree pose with the master of the tree pose.

Reverse Namaste in NYC.

Figure Four on the dance floor at Brooklyn Bowl.

Cobra in Central Park.

Warrior II with the Minneapolis city view.

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