Monday, November 3, 2014

Mood: November Feel

Fall, you are flying by. Can you try and stick around for just a bit longer?

October was a good, good month. I did yoga and spent a lot of time in the kitchen. Jack and I binged on Sons of Anarchy and finally slept in on weekend mornings. I took a long, therapeutic drive home to Wisconsin and spent time with my family (and our handsome black lab). Jack and I went to haunted houses and spent cozy evenings in our (unhaunted) apartment. We spent time with friends eating good food and drinking at great local breweries. We hit up a Minnesota orchard and dressed up for Halloween. 

What else happened in October? I got the first (of what I presume will be many) winter colds. And it has knocked me flat on my booty. Remember those amazing yoga challenges I started in October? Well, sometimes life throws you a curve ball (like a 12-day long cold) and alters everything you have planned.

But then there's November. This month, we're heading to Wisconsin to visit my family and some too-cute baby twins we haven't seen in far too long. I'll also be traveling to the Midwest and possibly the West Coast for work, and will be catching up on blogging and reading while I do it. We'll be wearing extra layers, but hopefully not digging our our winter coats and boots from storage (please, please no). I'll be doing lots of cooking, and Jack presumably will be doing a lot of eating. Speaking of eating, we'll be spending Thanksgiving in Wisconsin (we were in Mexico last year) and will be making up for lost time by doing lots of overeating and giving thanks. Then, let the holidays begin.

November, you're a good, good month. If you can hold off on snowing until December, I'll like you even more.

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