Saturday, November 29, 2014

Holiday: The Great Relaxation

For my family, the weekend after Thanksgiving isn't about waking up early and heading to the department stores; quite the contrary, we call the day a success if we've slept in, enjoyed our morning coffee together and spent the day relaxing on the couch, enjoying each-other's company (OK, we might do a little online shopping, too...)

This weekend, I'm planning on spending lots of time on the couch catching up on emails, blogging and watching design shows with my mom (because obviously). In-between naps, coffee and maybe a nighttime old fashioned (more on how to make those here), I'll be on Netflix, catching up on some great documentaries I've been waiting to watch.

I've always loved documentaries. There's something about the mix of emotion and education that draws me in. Thankfully, Netflix has a handful of really great documentaries that you can stream online, and for my lazy weekend on the couch, I'm hoping to watch one or two of them.

Some of the ones on the top of my list? Burt's Buzz, Page One: Inside the New York Times, The National Parks: America's Best Idea, Exit Through the Gift Shop, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Blindsight, Chasing Beauty, Half the Sky and Encounters at the End of the World.

Truthfully? I've already watched two of them. I'm on a roll....

Enjoy your weekend, gems.

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