Monday, December 29, 2014

Holiday: Best Days

I've always believed that the holidays really are the best days (even though it took me a little longer than usual to get into the holiday spirit this year). Between my birthday (I turned 25 on the 23rd!), Christmas, get-togethers and time spent with family and friends, I wish these days lasted longer (and as I'm sitting at work today after more than a week off, I wish this more than ever...)

On Dec. 23, I turned 25! To celebrate, we brunched at Hazel's Northeast (I ordered hippie cakes and a sake bloody mary, of course). 

My BFF Becca and I continued the celebrations with an afternoon Corepower Yoga sculpt class with one of our favorite instructors, Jaclyn. Burnt calories mean I can eat sugar cookies for breakfast the next day, right? 

We then headed to Northeast Minneapolis for dinner at The Mill Northeast. I sipped on Hemingway daiquiris all evening (a new favorite of mine). 

Then we celebrated with a plaid-themed party (s'more cake included from Sweet Molly B's). An evening filled with the best friends a girl could ask for? I'm a lucky lady. 

On Christmas Eve, we cooked a "Feast of Seven Fishes" with Jack's family in Minnesota (talk about delish). We technically cooked eight fish total, but who's counting...

We woke up on Christmas morning and celebrated with mass and presents (I'm bringing back socks with sandals, and Jack is making the "Santa hat" happen). 

We ended the day with a nail-biting game of Settlers of Catan (amidst our squabbles, Jack and I ended up winning - a true fluke). 

On the 26th, we got up early and drove to Wisconsin, where we marveled at that gorgeous spruce. Happy to be home for the holidays! 

Once we settled in, the day commenced with old fashioneds, present exchanging and cozying up around the Christmas tree. 

And of course, we ended the evening cuddled up watching a Harry Potter marathon; a must in our house.

Only 361 days until next year...

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