Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Holiday: That's a Wrap

Merry Christmas Eve! I'm spending the day recovering from an incredible, busy day yesterday (I turned 25!) and getting ready for holiday celebrations with Jack's family and mine. So much to do, but I couldn't be more excited to spend time with our families over the next few days.

One of the things on my to-do list today is to finish wrapping gifts! I finished nearly all of our wrapping earlier this month, but I'm putting the final touches on a few gifts before packing them into our car for the long drive to Wisconsin. 

When it comes to wrapping gifts, I tend to put a lot of time and effort into each and every one. My mom is the master when it comes to wrapping gifts; whether they're adorned with ribbon, ornaments, pinecones or winter foliage, her gifts are always a thing of beauty. I hope to follow in her footsteps!
This year, I went for simplicity. We have a small apartment, so I didn't want the wrapping paper to be too bold or distracting. Butcher paper, twine, ribbon and pine gave our gifts a sophisticated, put-together look without being too distracting in our apartment. I'm happy with the outcome, and even happier to be almost finished wrapping. Almost time to relax...

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Merry Christmas Eve, loves. Enjoy it all.

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