Thursday, December 18, 2014

Dine: Twin Cities Coffee Crusade: Spyhouse Coffee

In my mind, there's no such thing as a bad winter, especially if you know how to keep warm and cozy. We Midwesterners are pretty good at this.

In an effort to stay warm, happy and caffeinated this winter, my good friend and coworker Kelsey and I are embarking on the best of Minneapolis food challenges. Over the winter months, Kelsey and I are making it our mission to visit the best coffee shops in the Twin Cities! **squeals of excitement ensue...**

After lots of type-A planning (let's just say multiple maps and outlines were developed), we finally narrowed down our list to roughly 20 coffee houses. Who knew the Twin Cities were bursting at the seams with delicious coffee?! By the time spring decides to grace us with its presents, we will have visited each and every coffee shop.

In early December, we kicked off the Twin Cities Coffee Crusade at Spyhouse Coffee in Northeast Minneapolis. It's hands down one of my favorite coffee shops in the Twin Cities. It's far too soon to be picking favorites, but this bad boy will sure be hard to beat.

I've been to this gem of a coffee shop a handful of times for breakfast and some peaceful "me" time after weekend hot yoga sessions. I'm completely drawn into the natural yet modern, industrial design and aesthetic. Glass and iron fixtures, wooden tables, modern typography, brick walls; this place gets me. Not to mention, the Spygirl is borderline life-changing (latte with honey and lavender). Topped with some serious latte art, I think I could live on these. It's quickly turning into my go-to coffee shop; I can't wait to take my sister there when she visit this weekend (eek!)

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Want to join in the #TwinCitiesCoffeeCrusade with us? Below are the coffee houses we'll be visiting over the next few months.

Spyhouse Coffee
Sip Coffee Bar
Empire Coffee

Black Coffee & Waffle Bar

Open Book
Boiler Room

Blue Moon
Peace Coffee
Fire Roast

Angry Catfish

Blue Ox

Bob's Java Hut
Uncommon Grounds
Isles Bun & Coffee
Bull Run
Five Watt

St. Paul
JS Bean Factory
Cafe Latte
Claddagh Coffee

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  1. you guys have to go to nina's in st paul!!! hands down my fav coffee shop in the TC.


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