Thursday, October 1, 2015

Travel: West Coast Road Trip - Portland and Bend

After staying in Seattle and visiting Mount Rainier, we spent a day in Portland and another in Bend.

Oregon was amazing. Portland has such a cozy, laid back vibe and we felt totally at home. Bend was a lengthy car ride in the opposite direction, but we really enjoyed Deschutes and walking around the quaint Oregon town.

Side note: Make reservations for a brewery tour early. It's really unideal when you drive three hours in the wrong direction to not see the brewery.

But the Deschutes restaurant made up for it.

Portland and Bend

We stayed at Lindsay's home in the NE Alberta neighborhood of Portland. It was beautiful! Jack took full advantage of our bed right away. 

We spent a few hours exploring Mississippi Avenue in Portland. Kombucha cafes, coffee shops, cute stores and gardens galore. 

We ate a late dinner at Por Que No on Mississippi Avenue. Well worth the wait for incredible tacos and Mexican beer. 

 After our night in Portland, we drove to the Columbia River Gorge. Chilly weather and lots of fog made for eerily beautiful views! 

From the Columbia River Gorge, we made our way to Mount Hood. If it's a foggy day, it might be better to skip this destination (we aren't actually sure if Mount Hood is even in this picture behind the fog). On a clear day, it's supposed to be incredible. 

Near Mount Hood, there are lots of beautiful waterfalls. We definitely recommend making a pitstop to see a few. 

We made a handful of stops as we made our way from Portland to Bend loved every minute of it. It was a great way to break up the trip and try some of the local brews (we highly recommend Full Sail in Hood River).

We weren't able to take the Deschutes Brewery tour, but the Deschutes Brewery and Public House had great food and every Deschutes Brewery on tap. Tip: make reservations for the brewery tour early!

 || Photos are property of Mountain Shadow Morning. Must give credit. || 

After spending the evening in Bend, we made the long trek back to the beautiful Oregon coast after a truly breathtaking trip to Crater Lake. More on that to come!

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