Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Travel: West Coast Road Trip - Fort Bragg

After a packed day of driving and hiking, we took the following day to leisurely drive to Fort Bragg (not a far drive from Eureka). We slept in, drove down the coast and enjoyed the ride.

Fort Bragg

Our first stop in Fort Bragg was Glass Beach. It was hit and miss for our group -- I really enjoyed it but I know a few others easily could have skipped over it. Compared to what Glass Beach used to be, it's sad now in comparison. Amidst signs urging visitors to not take the glass, people sit on the beach with buckets and scour the shore for sea glass, and take bags home with them. It's likely that there won't be any glass there in the years to come. 

In Fort Bragg, Piaci Pub and Pizzeria is a can't miss. They have great beer on tap and their pizza is drool-worthy. It's a small little pub filled with locals grabbing a beer after work with friends. We ate too much. I loved it. This is seriously one of my favorite pizzas from the trip. 

We booked an AirBNB in Fort Bragg. While the city most definitely isn't a must visit destination, the dunes made it all worth it.

We stayed at Jason's Cabin of the Forest Dunes. Based on his photos, we couldn't not book it. It looks too wildly incredible to not stay there. And goodness are we glad we did. 

The dunes are indescribable, and the pictures don't do them justice. From the edge of Jason's cabin stood an expansive field of dunes with the ocean in the far off distance. We walked for 30 minutes and didn't make it to the ocean, so instead we camped out with some wine, laughter, yoga and good company. An evening I will never forget.

The next day, we woke up and drove our longest stretch of drive to Big Sur. More to come!

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